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The Ground One blog is a great place to read about the professional landscaping process, design, architechure, live projects from Ground One... The Experts In Design Artistry!

Aluminum Edging; Functionally and Asthetically

August 29, 2011 by

Clean, crisp and professional. That is the desire most homeowners have for their landscaping, property or real estate. There are many types of edging, black plastic, concrete, or natural stone, however, they distract from the landscape rather than add to it. One way we achieve this professional look is through aluminum edging. A true landscape bed should not focus on an edge line. More...

Curb Appeal

August 22, 2011 by

Curb appeal. For some, it can be viewed as a grand entrance with amazing architectural features. For others, it’s simply and a well manicured landscape. The common factor of both is the initial experience when you look at a home and how it harmonizes with the natural surroundings. More...

Simplicity in the Landscape

August 12, 2011 by

While there are many principles of landscaping, one principle is often overlooked; simplicity. Most landscapers don't realize that simplicity is an art. Simplicity doesn't suggest that your designs are bland or have no character. Rather, it means to stay within principles such as balance, repetition, line, contrast, and form. More...

Landscape Artistry

August 05, 2011 by

Ground One acts with an intentional hand in shaping your surroundings. Your landscape is a reflection of you and the way you live. The collaboration between designer and homeowner is key to a successful landscape design. In order to make improvements to your surroundings, and in turn your lifestyle, the landscape team needs to approach your project through your eyes. More...

Spiral Stairs & Stone Walls

July 19, 2011 by

The spiral staircase, like many designs, has its history. Spiral stairs are visually stimulating and require very little room in comparison to traditional stairs. More...