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Minneapolis Landscape Architecture & Design

Ground One acts with an intentional hand in shaping your surroundings. We ensure all aesthetic, ecological, and planning principles of landscape design are addressed in a sensitive and compelling manner. The process begins with a discussion, the sharing of your thoughts and desires and the investigation of potential design opportunities. Next is the thorough analysis and field documentation of the existing conditions of your site. With this information the designer can begin to develop ideas that draw inspiration from art, architecture and the natural world.

What qualifies Ground One ...

Our staff of design professionals are, at minimum, all college educated with degrees in Landscape Architecture and design.  Many have practiced over a decade which has enhanced their education with real life experiences.  Our build staff leaders also have a minimum of ten years of field experience along with college experience and industry certifications and accreditations.  Our professionals take personal pride in their work and consider themselves to be advocates for their clients.  For information about individual staff, please visit our people page.


Residential Design

Ground One specializes in residential design.  Whether your project is a small garden or a large estate, our designers+builders can exceed your expectations.  Our process is best articulated by the questions we ask you, so that through our process, your visions are realized. 

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Commercial Design

We all encounter Comercial Landscapes everyday.  Commercial Design is where we work, study, recreate, and even pray.  Ground One has been designing+building projects for Commercial Landscapes more than 20 years.  Our staff has a Registered Landscape Architect and works with Licensed Engineers for any projects that required the complexity of design and qualifications to get projects municipally approved and built. In fact, many of our clients have used our services both residentially and commercially.

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Great designs are only great if they are properly executed.  This is when a one dimensional design comes to life in three dimensions.  Ground One installers install the majority of the elements that are built in your landscape.  We do not use subcontractors, except those which are licensed for very specific portions of the build process.  This assures you that you are receiving the best artisans for your project.  Because we have 100% control, you'll never hear excuses about the job not being done well and on-time.

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