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Minneapolis Landscape Maintenance Services

As Minneapolis’s “Total Landscape Service” company, we handle every aspect of landscape care for a wide range of costumers - from commercial centers and corporate campuses to residential homes.  Ground One utilizes their expertise and deep horticultural knowledge to provide its costumers with the highest quality services available.  We understand how a well-maintained property attracts people and adds value to your property. 


Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Ground One provides services to clean up your home or business’s existing lawns and landscapes. This gives your property a fresh start, making it vital again and easier to maintain. Ground One also provides cleanup for landscapes that are left unattended, neglected or vacant for long periods of time.

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Tree and Plant Care

Planting trees and shrubs can be a significant investment in money and time. By implementing tree and plant care programs, you can protect this investment.  The objective of tree and plant care is to maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance and vitality through constant monitoring and preventative treatments.

Seasonal Color and Containers

Container gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. In some cases, this method of growing is used for ornamental purposes. This method is also useful in areas where the soil or climate is unsuitable for the plant or crop in question. Limited growing space, or growing space that is paved over, can also make this option appealing to the gardener.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Well maintained lawns are not only aesthetically pleasing, but portray your property with a positive image. Well cared for lawns have tremendous marketing potential, attracting customers and tenants. In many cases, it is the first thing a visitor sees, and it can essentially define the character of the home.

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An underground sprinkler system is not only a convenient way to water your lawn; it also makes the most efficient use of water.  Properly installing an irrigation system produces a longer lasting, higher survivability rate for new sod and existing lawns, while also increasing plant health.  Irrigation, when correctly implemented, can also assist in weed management throughout the planting areas.

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Snow Removal - De-icing

Ground One specializes in providing snow plowing and shoveling solutions.  Winter weather here in Minnesota can be extremely unpredictable, and can ultimately cause delays and/or lost profits for you and/or your business. With professional and timely service, Ground One can ensure your roads, parking lots, sidewalks, walkways and other critical areas are accessible. Ground One is here to help alleviate the risks and hazards associated with snow and ice.

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