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The Landscape Design Process

Expert is defined as: a person who has special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject (by Websters dictionary.)
Artistry is defined as: a quality that results from artistic ability or skill (by Websters dictionary.)

Ground One begins each of our landscapes with a creative and critical eye. The custom process is a collaboration between homeowners and our expert designers, builders, and artisans. We take true ownership of what it means to be "the experts in landscape artistry".

The process for building your new landscape consists of four phases: Consultation, Schematic Design, Final Landscape Design, and Construction.

Minneapolis Landscape Consultation


The first step is an initial meeting or consultation at your property.

During your consultation, we will assess your needs and define the goals you have for your landscape project. In addition to talking about practical issues of what features you are looking for and what kind of materials you might be thinking of using, we always want to learn more about you and your lifestyle. This could include discussing your own personal sense of style and how you currently live in your spaces.

If after this discussion you would like to proceed with the design process, an agreement is signed authorizing design services along with payment of said services.  Site measurements are then taken of your property, and the existing landscape is photo-documented. Any surveys or existing basemaps you might have of your property would be shared at this time.

Minneapolis Landscape Schematic Design

Schematic Design

Next the designer takes the information gleaned from your consultation along with the specifics of your property and begins to develop design ideas. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture and ecology, the designer creates a landscape proposal that addresses your needs while providing a beautiful environment that is an extension of your home. The result is a conceptual design to be shared with you in a formal presentation.

At the design presentation the designer will share their vision for your space. In addition to a scaled drawing, inspirational images, material choices and preliminary cost estimates may be shared. These tools allow the homeowner to determine how they may choose to proceed with implementing the design, the scope of the project, and how to most efficiently build the landscape.

Minneapolis Final Landscape Design

Final Landscape Design

After the first presentation, the designer will develop a final landscape design based on the feedback received from the homeowner. A finalized set of drawings will be completed and a final cost estimate for installation will be prepared. These will be reviewed with the homeowner, after which an installation agreement will be executed.

Minneapolis Landscape Installation


Next comes the actual installation of your landscape design. A landscape crew is scheduled to perform your installation.  Authorization is given to suppliers for procurement of products.  In this phase, expert craftsmen translate the designer’s drawings into your new built environment. The landscape foreman, designer, and expeditor communicate progress reports with the homeowner throughout the construction process, and advise on any unforeseen circumstances that may affect the original design.

Upon installation completion, a final walk-through is scheduled with the homeowner to ensure all their expectations have been met. At this time maintenance instructions are passed along. You are now ready to begin enjoying your new outdoor environment!