Incorporating a water feature is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor property in Minnesota. Water features allow for all kinds of innovative landscape design that will immediately catch the eyes of everyone who visits your home. The sound of running water is also very soothing, and can provide a great spot in your yard to relax and enjoy the scenery.

There are many different ways to incorporate a water element into your landscape design. Here are a few of the coolest water features that can be installed in your yard in Minnesota.


water landscaping installation in MN4 Water Features You Can Add to Your Yard

  1. Ponds – The most natural and beautiful way to add a water feature to your yard in Minnesota is by installing a pond. You can incorporate a pond right next to your backyard patio or in the midst of your garden to create a perfect place for outdoor relaxation. The size, shape and depth of a landscape pond is highly customizable based on your spatial availability and how much of your yard you want to devote to this water feature. Ponds can be lined with beautiful natural rocks and decorated with water plants like water lilies and lotuses. If you really want to create a full natural ecosystem in your pond, you can try adding some beautiful koi to the mix; just make sure you have a good pond filtration system!
  2. Fountains – The only drawback to many popular water features for Minnesota landscapes is that they require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean and running. For homeowners who want to enjoy the luxury of a water feature without this excess maintenance, a fountain is the ideal choice! Fountains come in a huge variety of designs to appeal to all tastes. Whether you want a simple large stone basin to place on your patio or a small statue fountain of a spitting satyr to nestle in your garden, you’ll surely be able to find a fountain that you love for your landscape.
  3. Streams – If your backyard already has a natural slope, then building a stream might be easier than installing a pond. Just dig a trench, lay down filter fabric and a bed of rock, and install a pump that continuously redirects water from the bottom of the stream back up to the top. One plus of installing a stream in your backyard is that it can double as a landscape drainage solution. By installing an overflow drain at the end of your stream, you can create an easy route for rainwater to exit your yard, preventing flooding during a big rainstorm.
  4. Waterfalls – One of the coolest water features that can be added to your landscape in Minnesota, a waterfall is sure to impress your guests and to bring you daily enjoyment when you’re out in your yard. You can try to build your own waterfall or you can buy a kit, the choice is yours. Waterfalls pair well with both ponds and streams but you don’t have to have a larger water feature to install a waterfall; you can just place a simple basin to catch the cascading water and channel it back to the top via a pump. Waterfalls pair well with plants that thrive in moist soil such as irises and corkscrew rush, so try planting some of these around your waterfall for the most beautiful results.


Professional Water Feature Installation in Minnesota

Water features can bring valuable beauty and serenity to your home landscape. To have water features seamlessly installed on your property, work with the  team of award-winning landscape designers and builders at Ground One. Call us today if you need expert water feature installation services in the Twin Cities metro!