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Are you interested in outdoor maintenance services for your home in Bloomington?

Your yard can be the most beautiful part of your property in Bloomington but outdoor maintenance can be a lot of work. When you’re already busy with your job, family and other obligations, there’s not much time left over to work on grooming the perfect yard and gardens. Why spend precious hours of your evenings and weekends on yard work when you could bring in an outdoor maintenance company to handle it all?


Reliable Landscape Maintenance Crew

Ground One’s outdoor maintenance crew offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance the appearance of your outdoor property in Bloomington. Your gardens are in good hands with our professionals, and you can enjoy the perks of having a beautiful landscape without putting in the tiring hours required to take care of it.

We provide three service plans to our clients in Bloomington. Our base-level Bronze plan consists of:

When you sign up for our Silver plan, you’ll get these additional services:

For our full range of services, sign up for our Gold plan, which adds:


The #1 Outdoor Maintenance Company in Bloomington

An outdoor maintenance crew can give your landscape the very best care while leaving you all the more time to enjoy your yard. Give Ground One a call today for top-tier outdoor maintenance services in the Bloomington area!

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