Outdoor Maintenance Services in Burnsville, MN

Does your home in Burnsville require outdoor maintenance services?

Keeping on top of your yard and gardens in Burnsville can sometimes be a tall order. If you’re struggling to wage war on weeds or battle unruly borders, it can take the enjoyment out of gardening and leave you feeling stressed. Don’t worry, Ground One offers a range of professional outdoor maintenance services to help you make the most out of your garden without the fuss.

Outdoor Maintenance Professionals

At Ground One, our professional outdoor maintenance team has been helping homeowners across Burnsville maintain beautiful yards for almost 30 years. So sit back and relax while our team takes care of your long list of outdoor chores!

Our range of outdoor maintenance services is spread across three service plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Our Bronze plan covers several maintenance jobs such as:

Our Silver plan includes extra garden maintenance services such as:

Our Gold Plan provides additional premium services including:

Leading Outdoor Maintenance Specialists in Burnsville

Don’t let an overwhelming amount of yard work keep you from spending time outside. Call Ground One today for the best outdoor maintenance services in the Burnsville area!