Landscape Design + Build in Lake Minnetonka, MN Area

Would you like to overhaul your landscape with professional landscape design + build services in the Lake Minnetonka area?

Your landscape is just as customizable as the home that sits on it and you have free rein to create anything you want on this outdoor canvas. While do-it-yourself landscaping projects can be fun, bigger and bolder projects will likely turn out better if you work with professional landscape designers. If you’re ready to transform your outdoor property into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, partner with an award-winning landscape design + build company in the Lake Minnetonka area.

Experienced Landscape Design + Build Team

At Ground One, our landscape design and build specialists in the Lake Minnetonka area can improve upon your landscape in more ways than you can imagine. Whether you want to build your backyard around a custom-built pond with beautiful fountains or you’d prefer neatly arranged trees and bushes lit by well-placed landscape lighting, our team is committed to delivering top-quality landscaping services.

You can hire our landscape design + build contractors in the Lake Minnetonka area for a range of projects, such as:

Award-Winning Landscape Design + Build Contractors on Lake Minnetonka

Experienced landscape design + build contractors can improve your landscaping, your curb appeal, and your outdoor living experience. Connect with Ground One today if you’d like us to get started on a landscape design + build project in the Lake Minnetonka area!