Outdoor Maintenance Services in Savage, MN

Does your yard need outdoor maintenance services in Savage?

Between work, family and other commitments, there often isn’t enough time left in the week to worry about yard work. But we don’t want to let our lawns and gardens start looking unsightly, either. There’s a good solution to that dilemma: Ground One can perform regular, thorough outdoor maintenance services for your property in Savage.

Dedicated Outdoor Maintenance

Ground One has spent the past 30 years building a reputation for performing the highest quality outdoor maintenance services in Savage. Our crew is composed of experts in lawn care, gardening and landscaping who will work their hardest to keep your outdoor property looking its best.

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze outdoor maintenance service packages for your yard in Savage. With our Bronze plan, you’ll receive:

You’ll have access to a larger range of services with our Silver package, such as:

When you sign up for our Gold service plan, you’ll get everything we have to offer, including:

The Best Outdoor Maintenance Company in Savage

When you have more than enough yard work to deal with, let the pros step in and deal with it for you. Connect with Ground One today for top-tier outdoor maintenance services in the Savage area!

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