Ground One is committed to giving our customers a fair warranty for all our products and services. In the event of defective materials or defective workmanship by Ground One, the defect will be repaired or restored without charge to the customer. We stand by our installations, and accordingly, we offer the following warranties.


All dry-laid hardscapes which includes paver patios, retaining walls, natural stonework, and fire pits, are warrantied for 24 months from the date of completion. Stone veneer projects are warrantied for 24 months from the date of completion.  In the event of a structural failure caused by defective workmanship by Ground One, the defect will be repaired or restored without charge to the customer. Warranty claims on hardscapes will be assessed May through October. Frost prevents assessment in the winter months. Stone caps are not covered under warranty if they are cracked due to excessive heat.


Ground One provides a general plant warranty for all woody shrubs, trees, and perennials we plant which die due to improper workmanship or planting techniques. You should inspect your plants on or around Memorial Day and notify us of any defective or dead plants. Keep in mind, that some plants don’t wake up and start growing until early summer, so telling us in March that it looks dead, really doesn’t tell us anything. Plants that have a more than 50% defective plant material after Memorial Day will be considered dead and qualify for a one-time replacement free of charge to the customer, subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty. Replacement plants will be of the same size and type listed on the accepted proposal for work when planting was performed. Larger plants may be available to the customer at an additional charge.

Ground One does not warranty plants that are dead or damaged due to the acts of animals, or vandals. Further, we do not warranty any plants damaged by acts of nature, including drought, hail, flooding, etc. Finally, we do not warranty plants that are damaged due to improper care, including improper watering, mechanical damage, over-fertilization, or neglect. Deciduous trees require wrapping in the fall with tree wrap or plastic guards for the warranty to apply. We recommend that all evergreens, including Hemlocks, Boxwood, and specialty topiaries be wrapped each fall for winter protection. Ground One Enterprises does not warranty any plants that are transplanted as a part of the project, or any plants that are supplied by the customer to be planted. We also do not warranty any bulbs, sod, seed and annuals.


Underground drainage work such as drain tile and catch basins, are warrantied against cracking and settling for two years following completion. Drainage systems are not installed below the frost line and will freeze during winter months.  Therefore, it is advised that clients add elbows and runouts to downspouts to keep water out of the drainage system between December 1 and April 1.  Maintenance to drainage systems is not included as a part of warranty work. Obstruction of systems can occur due to tree roots, animal activity, or ice buildup. Customers are responsible for ensuring down-spouts are properly attached and angled, failure to do this will cause the system not to function.


All materials are guaranteed under the manufacturers warranty, and workmanship is guaranteed 12 months from installation.


Pond liners are made of a waterproof polymer. Some minor punctures and tears of the liner may occur and most punctures are self-sealing. Minor leakage, seepage, and evaporation occur with all pond and water feature projects and Ground One Enterprises is not responsible for inconvenience that may accompany such flaws. All pumps for fountains are accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty, however the labor associated with replacing warrantied pumps may be at an additional charge to the customer. We will ensure that water features are complete and in working order upon completion of the project, however due to numerous factors outside the control of Ground One Enterprises, we do not warranty water features beyond completion.


All materials and labor are guaranteed by the subcontractor under the specific subcontractor’s warranty for the service provided. Our subcontractors provide their own warranty, a copy of which is available upon request.


Settling occurs naturally after all construction processes. Ground One is not responsible for any settling that may occur on the site due to work performed by other contractors. This includes settling around foundations and settling where utility lines were installed. We maintain the industry standard of setting a grade at ± two inches from the rough excavator grade unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

This warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners of the property. Warranty does not cover damage caused by other people, contractors, or conditions outside the control of Ground One. Warranty is void if the client is not paid in full within 30 days of substantial completion of the project, and payment may not be held in lieu of warranty work. No cash refunds or work credits will be issued instead of warranty work. For the warranty to apply, contractor has the right to receive from the client a written description of the claimed defect in workmanship or material.

Warranties will commence based on the invoice date to the customer unless otherwise stated in writing.


If you have a concern about your project, or an item under warranty, just submit a claim on our website here.