With winter fast approaching, Minnesota residents would have to say goodbye to fall wear and the warm weather months. But this also means that there’s a lot to prepare for the snowy months. Although it seems like winter is still far away, it’s best to be prepared with outdoor winter décor.

Why Winter Containers?

One of the main décor features for the winter months are winter containers or planters, and there are a lot of benefits that come with adding these to the patio of your home or business. You can make your winter months much brighter and cheery by adding these containers. You can arrange your plants and flowers in containers during winter so that they can stay protected until spring comes again.

You can add winter containers on the patio, outdoor entrance, deck, stairs and other places in front or outside your home or business. One of the main benefits of winter containers is that it gives a fresh and bright look to your surroundings even when the weather is cold.

Winter containers are low maintenance and provide the warmest of welcomes even when it’s icy cold outside. They can be easily moved around and are very customizable.

Whether you want to introduce new décor outside or want to continue displaying beauty outside your home or office during the winter months, there’s no better addition to a patio or entrance than a winter planter.

What Kinds of Plants Can You Utilize?

Here at Ground One, our team utilizes many different kinds of plant for our winter containers. Winter containers are limited in what they can hold since it needs to be an item that can be preserved throughout winter.

A few items we use at Ground One include:

  • Wood, or Evergreen cuttings
  • Preserved plants (plants that have been sprayed to make more permanent),
  • Fake/plastic items

In addition to these items, Birch logs, dogwood sticks, Pine cones, Pine boughs, Spruce tips, Preserved Eucalyptus, Magnolia tips, and Boxwood/Oregonia tips are some of our favorites items to use. We love the look of real winterberry, but the color doesn’t hold up through the coldest temperatures. If you want a red berry all winter, plastic winterberry is the way to go.

Make sure that daytime temperatures are around 50 degrees or less to prevent your winter greens from browning early. Be sure to water your spruce tops until it the soil block is frozen solid. Once completed, spray arrangements with Wilt-pruf to lessen transpiration.

Choosing A Container

There are different factors to consider when choosing the type of winter container that you want to use outside your home or office. You have to think about how much space you have, and the materials that the container would be made of. There are wood, clay and terracotta, cast stone and metal planters, which look great during winter.

Beautify Your Home or Office This Winter

With beautiful winter containers, you won’t only enjoy nature during the colder months, but you can give your visitors and guests a warm first impression. If you’re interested in adding winter containers to your home or office, call on Ground One today.

Ground One has been serving Twin Cities in Minnesota since 1989 with leading landscaping and winter container installation. Now that you’re ready for your winter planting projects, call on Ground One for their expert installation and maintenance services today.