Clean, crisp and professional. That is the desire most homeowners have for their landscaping, property or real estate. There are many types of edging, black plastic, concrete, or natural stone, however, they distract from the landscape rather than add to it.  One way we achieve this professional look is through aluminum edging.  A true landscape bed should not focus on an edge line. Edging is there to prevent grass from growing in planting areas and keep ornamental plants from creeping into the grass. Another attribute of aluminum is that the aluminum will not rust, crack, and or deteriorate like some materials tend to over time. The aluminum edging is also a green product that has been composed of recycled materials, which also comes in a variety of colors.

At the Wildwood project, the Ground One crews are installing edging, plant materials and mulch.  The paver soldiers and hatching is almost complete with minor detail work to be done.  The project is coming together smoothly and the homeowners and neighborhood in general are excited to see the final transformation. The existing irrigation system has been retro fitted to work with the newly designed landscape.  The irrigation part of this project also involves a drip line system.

Ever get tired of carrying hoses to water 200 plants or just watering any plants in particular?  This  system would be for you!  It is set-up with your underground system, however a flexible tube with holes allows moisture to be placed at the root system rather than all over the plant.   Thus, when your automatic controlled system is activated your plants will be preprogrammed to take care of the plant watering for you.

Right now, due to our late start this summer, all plant material is on the small side.  However, with the proper watering and fertilization you should in the next few weeks see substantial plant growth.  With the Wildwood project, the planting design accommodated the changing seasons in Minnesota.  For instance, burning bushes and viburnum have dark green leafs in the summer,  that turn a red or burgundy in the fall.  That detail is such a missed opportunity that homeowners fail to take advantage of.  Yes we have snow, however being able to plan for some color that changes with the season makes a huge difference in curb appeal.  If its planting dogwoods for their red-twigs, tulips or crocus for their early spring blooming, or the asters and turtleheads in the fall, there are many different choices for flowering plants throughout the season!

Stay tuned for more on the Wildwood Project, as it is close to being finished!