Minnesota’s spring and summer months are a welcome, and all too brief, relief from our grueling winters. The best way to take advantage of these warm months is to gather with your family and friends for outdoor events like barbecues, pool parties and lawn games.

There’s just one catch: hosting these outdoor gatherings can be embarrassing if your lawn is a browned and muddy mess, and your gardens are disheveled and rotted. Outdoor maintenance is a time-consuming task which you may not be able to fit into your hectic schedule. Save yourself the trouble and hire a full-service landscape maintenance company! Here are six benefits to bringing in the professionals:

Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Landscape Maintenance Crew

  1. You’ll Save Tons of Time – The best reason to hire a full-service landscape maintenance company is to save yourself countless hours of hard labor. Just mowing the lawn or planting a few flowers is easy enough but maintaining every aspect of your yard and gardens might take up pretty much your whole weekend and a couple of evenings, every single week. Outsourcing the work to a crew of professionals gives you precious time to relax and have fun with your family during evenings and on weekends, rather than forcing you to do more work.
  2. You’ll Save Money, Too – One thing that holds many homeowners back from hiring a lawn and garden maintenance crew is the fear that they’ll be spending too much money for these professional services. The reality is that hiring the right outdoor maintenance company can save you lots of money. Professional landscapers will have direct access to plants and materials at discounted prices, and they also know exactly what they’re doing, which means they won’t waste money trying to make things work.
  3. They Can Do Everything – Unless you have a background in landscaping yourself, odds are that there are aspects of outdoor maintenance that you struggle with. Maybe you’re terrible at planting or maybe you’re a master of garden maintenance but you have no idea how to take care of a pool. A professional landscape maintenance company can do it all. They can choose the right plants for your garden, they can keep your lawn green and healthy, and they can perform all necessary maintenance for your pond or pool.
  4. They Recognize Threats – Your yard may be faced with many menaces during spring and summer. Pest insects such as emerald ash borers and Japanese beetles can devastate your trees and shrubs, while outbreaks of disease or insufficient nutrients can kill off your lawn. Professional landscapers are trained on all aspects of garden and lawn maintenance, including the identification and elimination of threats. They’ll be able to apply the right insecticides or herbicides to kill off nasty pests and weeds, and they can use fertilizer to strengthen grass or plants that are struggling.
  5. They Know What Works – One obstacle to outdoor maintenance that plagues many homeowners is that they simply don’t know what will work in their yard and what won’t. Because a full-service landscape maintenance company takes care of local properties for a living, they know what’s right for every yard. They’ll be able to choose perfect plants for your gardens and turn you away from plants that won’t work well together or aren’t hardy enough to survive Minnesota winters. Landscape maintenance crews can also help you manage projects and come up with innovative ways to enhance your home’s landscape.
  6. They’ll Up Your Property Value – Professional landscaping work looks… well, professional! A perfectly tended lawn and garden beds full of beautiful, well-mixed flowers and shrubs will give your property major curb appeal. When it comes time to sell your house, having garden and lawn maintenance performed by an expert crew will impress prospective buyers, so much so that you’ll be able to increase the asking price for your house.

Elite Outdoor Maintenance Services

If you’re interested in hiring a full-service landscape maintenance company in the Twin Cities metro, you can’t go wrong with Ground One. Our landscape crew is well-equipped to maintain all outdoor aspects of your property including your lawn, garden, pool and water features. Get in contact with Ground One today for expert lawn and garden maintenance services in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area!