Update on Benton Project:  Structurally sound and built to last, many decades.  A landscape design can be beautiful on paper, however the execution preformed by the landscape build team can make or break the project.  Ground One employees take every project on as it was one of their own.  Whether its footings under a new set of stairs or retaining walls, proper pitching and sloping to allow proper drainage, or correct base materials for a paver patio or driveway the Ground One team knows what key structural elements that are needed to survive the climate changes here in Minnesota.

Currently at the Benton Project, a lot has been accomplished in the last several weeks.  A drainage system has been engineered and installed.  The new system includes  new catch basins, PVC smooth tile, and  a new system called an Ez-Drain.  Ez-Drain as in the picture, is a perforated plastic tile that is wrapped with packing peanuts and a fiber mesh which take the place of pea-rock and fabric.  The initial cost is higher, however this system allows plant material to be placed directly on top or to the side of the pipe without having to dig into rock and fabric.  It also saves time and product allowing for better installation practices.  Soon this product should be standard practice.

There has been more progression on the new patio and steps.  The steps have been re-configured and the crew is veneering the risers with a Fon du Lac weathered edge.  This will be an excellent compliment to the Lilac cut and patterned stone that the step treads and patio will be composed of.  The structure for the new steps into the backyard is complete, mortared in and awaiting for the Fon du Lac veneer.  There is a footing below the steps to assure very little movement from spring frost heave.  The frost heaving is the cause of most cracking that occurs in poorly installed concrete and masonry features.

Another pre-planning item that has been done, is  sleeving  for the new low voltage lighting.  This allows for the structure to be built without placing the light fixtures immediately in place, risking any possible damage to those fixtures.  Sleeving also allows for easy accessibility,when maintenance is required on those light fixtures.  The new step lights will be a low profile LED light that will sit under the step reveal, allowing the focus on the light that is cast, rather than the fixture itself.

Hopefully this dry weather continues, allowing for progress and updates on the this project.