River Bluff Project: Are you overwhelmed by all the fence choices currently available in the market?  Even though there are many fence choices, a landscape designer can determine what’s best for you by looking closely at your needs.  Choosing the appropriate texture is important, as this will serve as the backdrop to your plant material and backyard environment.  Think of this backdrop as a theatre curtain, it allows more focus and impact of the elements on stage rather than washing amongst a busy background of the backyard.  The fence can also brighten a dark and dreary area as well.

Currently at the River Bluff project the Ground One crews are setting the stage for the final push of this backyard phase.  The patio has been complete and awaiting the spiral staircase.  This staircase will allow pedestrian movement from the upper deck down to the patio without having to travel through the house.  The staircase will also save on space and visual impact that a traditional set of steps would occupy.  This means less visual impact on the stairs and more focus on the patio or planting areas.

The crews have made great head-way on the cedar fence.  The fence is a 6ft tall cedar panel on panel with sandwhiched between 2×4 stringers and 1×4 stringers top and bottom.  The design of the fence is a simple concept, which is visually pleasing fence and will last the test of time.  Ground One is also using this fencing syle to screen the pool equipment.  This will allow that equipment to have a dedicated space and visually screened.  This fence meets municipal codes for backyard swimming pools.

As for the side-yard the old retaining walls make way for the new weathered edge retaining walls that match the walls Ground One built in a previous phase of the project. Existing overgrown and unkept plant material has been discarded for a fresh new update.  The crew will be installing an auxiliary walk-way down the side of the slope to allow eaiser access to the backyard from the driveway area.  Before too long the crews will be planting, sodding, mulching and doing a final clean-up.  Let’s hope this weather cooperates with us for the next few weeks!