Do you ever get sick of picking up leaves day after day in the fall and bagging them with no purpose? An easy solution is composting. Composting not only makes your yard look clean and clear from messy leaves, but also the leaves can be converted into rich soil.

Compost is an organic matter that has been recycled and decomposed into rich soil. Composting is very effective for the plant cycle because you are returning nutrients back to the soil which is helpful for nature’s life cycle to continue. There are two easy steps below to get started.

1) Remove the Leaves

The easiest method to removing leaves is with a lawn sweeper or rake and dispersing them into garbage bags. If possible try to break the leaves or shred them because the process will move faster if the leaves are broken down.

2) Pour water over leaves

When you are pouring water over the leaves make sure they are completely dry before you proceed. Then add the water by using a watering can or any other device and the moisture of the water will speed up the process of decomposition.

This process all depends on human control. It can take from fourteen days to up to two years to be fully completed. If you want to speed up the process you can add extra nitrogen such as freshly cut grass, turn the compost heap every 3 days, make sure the pile is moist at all times, and shred the leaves. Give composting a try and reap the benefits for your garden!