Landscape designers and landscape architects often run into projects with space limitations or awkward boundaries.  In a South Minneapolis landscape you find this all too common with many of the properties.  The challenge is creating a space that not only is functional, but also invites one to enjoy and peruse around the landscape. By incorporating the following methods you can maximize your outdoor living space to its fullest potential.

The single biggest problem for small space design is a limited view, which results in little or no appeal visual appeal beyond the home. The solution is to create a few different focal points throughout the landscape.  Whether it is a stone or metal sculpture hidden within the vegetation or a small water feature tucked in a corner, adding interest throughout the landscape which can solve the problem of having nothing interesting to draw you to, and through, the yard.  By having multiple focal points, your landscape now expands into a variety of areas.

Not all focal points need to be front and center. Certainly one or two may be centered in the landscape as a basis for a surrounding spatial or planting design, but others are best hidden among plants. This gives the appearance that the landscape was designed around these focal points. It is the visual discovery that gives the small landscape its intrigue.

Compared to large landscapes, where much can be overlooked due to the expansive views, small landscapes focus on the details. When designing a small yard landscape, focus on the details.  These details can consist of plant material choices or stone selections.  Choosing these is critical in helping the space feel larger, or as cozy as you would like. And with new technology, a much wider range of innovative materials are available for residential landscapes and outdoor living spaces, making your selections endless.

Another technique for small spaces is to use accenting materials. Adding borders of darker or bolder colors help define the outdoor living space.  By accenting a patio you also add a layer of detail to the living space and gives you a chance to combine different materials.

When it comes to design of small spaces: pay attention to the details, incorporate surprise, and expand on material choice.  Whether you decide to create a unique and exciting small space design or a simplistic and contemporary design, remember always that simplicity is bliss when designing a landscape in Minneapolis.