Curb appeal.  For some, it can be viewed as a grand entrance with amazing architectural features. For others, it’s simply and a well manicured landscape. The common factor of both is the initial experience when you look at a home and how it harmonizes with the natural surroundings. An eye-catching and well-maintained landscape makes a clear statement about the home. While an overgrown and unkept landscape detracts from the home and possible values associated.

The curb appeal will leave a lasting impression on each visitor,  the moment they step foot on your property. Details such as landscape plants, symmetry, color schemes, hardscaping and lighting design are all important in and how they interact with the home. These details should be inviting and encourage guests to approach your home.  The front yard serves many purposes and should be designed to synthesize all these details, ultimately  into a design, enhancing the beauty of your home and the curb appeal of the property.  The design should highlight your style while complementing the home and its surroundings creating a positive, emotional reaction the moment a person arrives.

Riverview Project: Before we started, the Riverview project was far from inviting or leaving a positive impression.  From the overgrown, outdated plants to the weed infested planting beds and unsightly grass areas, the property was in dire need of a curb appeal overhaul.  The client contacted Ground One’s professional design team in hopes of rejuvenating the home and creating a visually stimulating landscape.  The goals of the new landscape were to introduce new colors, shapes, and textures.  Another important goal was to screen the neighbors driveway with plant material rather than a fence.  This screen consisted of Japanese Ivory Silk lilacs, which will bring spring color and fragrant aroma, while providing a living screen fence.

The new landscape is abundant  with color and textures.  Between the dark green of the dwarf scotch pine, the early spring blooming rhododendrons, and the fall color of the turtlehead, this landscape now will feature color throughout the season.  The old landscape focused on the large garage doors, but thanks to a creative use of grassy areas your eye is now drawn to the front door from the elegant curve of green.    A once dark and uninviting dark door, turns into a colorful entrance. The curb appeal of this home now leaves a lasting impression, and will provide enjoyment for years to come.  To see the before pictures check out our Facebook page for those and more photos of this amazing curb appeal renovation!

If you have a Minneapolis landscape that is need of a curb appeal renovation, don’t hesitate to call Ground One for a complimentary consultation! Stay up to date with the up-coming project as well as others by viewing our website.