Wildwood Project:  Not every job involves natural stone or even a material that mimics stone.  Sometimes the choice of material can be simple like concrete. A really fun way to spruce up ordinary concrete is to add a solider course along the edge of the sidewalk. Better yet, using a clay paver that has some flash and color will really bring a walkway to life!

The Wildwood Project is an exciting project because the homeowners are stepping out of their comfort zone. For years they lived with the open, expansive front yard but an uninviting front entry walk-way. In fact, there was no walkway from the street to the front door. For years their main walk was a straight line path from front stoop to the driveway, their plant material did not appeal to the magnificent beauty of this house, and roots were pushing through the sod. It was time to step away from the old and ordinary to a curb appeal overhaul!

Currently, the crews are forming up the new walkway.  The forming process will be more complex that your usual concrete walk.  This walk has to accommodate many intriguing elements and details.  One interesting detail is the clay paver solider course which will be placed on a shelf of concrete.  The shelf is done for ease of paver installation, but it also allows for a guarantee that the pavers stay even with the concrete. Another interesting element of this walkway will be the keystone cross with paver hatching. This will become a great intersection point, where the front walk and walkway from the garage connect, thus allowing you to enter the front door perpendicularly.

The area will also enhance the concrete walk in design, and this will become another focal point of the front yard. Lastly the detail in the center of the keystone area will become a planting area.  This was to break-up the hardscape with some softscapes, as to aid in being the focal point of this front yard.  There is opportunity to change this planting area out with the seasons or plant permanently.  Placing annuals, or bulbs, grasses or topiary shrubs throughout the summer.  Greenery or possibly red-twig dogwood stems in the fall. Even a small lighted christmas tree could be placed in the middle to celebrate the holidays. Another idea could be a water feature,  a bubbling boulder or elegant multi-teired fountain could make this place of conversation and gathering. The opportunities are endless!