Nursery and landscape professionals work every day to enhance our urban and rural environments. From plants that attract wildlife to retaining walls that control erosion, nursery and landscape companies improve our environment.

  •  Strategically placed shade or evergreen trees will provide shade in summer and protection from cold winter winds, effectively cutting energy costs.
  • Trees can improve air quality, conserve water and harbor wildlife.
  • Shrubs or perennial gardens can slow erosion by decreasing water runoff.
  • Many annuals and perennials provide food and habitat for creatures such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.
  • Thousands of tree seedlings are planted each year for reforestation, windbreaks and shelterbelts in rural Minnesota.
  • Minnesota’s plant professionals have been active participants in efforts to control the spread of invasive species.
  • Irrigation professionals are committed to methods and practices, which conserve previous water resources.
  • A thick, healthy, well-maintained lawn prevents soil erosion, filters, contaminants from rainwater, and absorbs many types of airborne pollutants like dust and soot.
  • Minnesota’s lawn care and landscape professionals have been active participants in efforts to reduce the use of phosphorus on lawns in an effort to protect the quality of Minnesota lakes.
  • Technologies such as permeable pavement systems aid in storm water mitigation.

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(Reprinted from MNLA “The scoop”vol.37 No.7)