Do-it-yourself landscaping projects are just the sort of challenge that some homeowners love to tackle. Redesigning your home landscape with your own hands to make it look and function just the way you want can be an incredibly satisfying process. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive, exhausting, frustrating and injury-inducing.

The bottom line is that there are some DIY landscaping projects you can handle and there are some you can’t. In order to make sure your project is a fun experience and not a miserable slog, it’s important to go in knowing what you should and shouldn’t do. To help you out, our experts have compiled some important “dos” and “don’ts” of DIY landscaping in Minnesota.

What You Should “DO” When DIY Landscaping

  • DO Plan Your Budget – DIY landscaping can get very expensive, very quickly. To prevent blowing your bank account, it’s always a wise idea to plan out your budget for the materials you’ll need to get your Minnesota landscaping project done.
  • DO Keep It Low Maintenance – The last thing you want is to work your hardest to reshape your landscaping in Minnesota, then continue having to work hard on a regular basis to keep it looking nice. Gravitate toward planting choices and other features that will be easy to maintain with minimal ongoing effort on your part.
  • DO Plan for All Seasons – Some homeowners make the mistake of forgetting about Minnesota winters when they begin a DIY landscaping project in spring. Make sure any plants, hardscapes and water features that you choose to incorporate can endure winter weather for years to come.
  • DO Bring in the Pros If You Have To – There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with a DIY landscaping project. If you want professional help to finish the job, just call an experienced landscape design + build team in Minnesota.

“DON’T” Make These Mistakes With DIY Landscaping

  • DON’T Go In With No Plan – Before you start digging out bushes and buying pavers, make sure that you actually have a plan for your DIY landscaping project in Minnesota. Plan out exactly what you want to do with your landscape, step-by-step, and make sure you’re confident in each step.
  • DON’T Overexert Yourself Physically – Every person has different physical limitations, and a lot of DIY landscaping projects require hard work. If you know that lifting and placing a bunch of 50 lb pavers is going to throw out your back, just don’t try to do it yourself.
  • DON’T Plant Too Much in a Garden – However beautiful the plants at your local nursery may be, it’s a mistake to plant too much in one garden, and it will result in overcrowding and dead plants. Go in with a “less is more” approach, planting just a few well-paired trees and perennials in one garden, then adding more as needed.
  • DON’T Try to Do Everything – Some DIY landscapers get overwhelmed because they try to redo the gardens, and the walkways, and the water features, and the patio. Stick with one area at a time to keep from overworking yourself and getting stressed out.

DO Contact Ground One for a Big Landscaping Project

There are some landscaping projects around your house that might be fun for you to take care of during spring and summer. For projects that are too big for you to handle, hire a professional landscaping crew! If you’d like to work with an award-winning design + build landscaping company on a project in the Twin Cities metro, call Ground One today!