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When homeowners think of summer landscaping projects, they often consider planting new trees or digging out garden beds. But if you really want to enhance your landscape’s curb appeal and make it more usable in the process, you might be better off adding new hardscape features to your outdoor property in Minnesota.

Hardscape” is a rather broad term which refers to pretty much all elements of your landscaping other than the actual plants. If you’d like to add some hardscaping to your home but you’re not sure where to begin, allow us to recommend a few great hardscape features that could improve your landscape.

The Best Hardscape Additions for MN Properties

  • Patio – A patio is one of the simplest and most functional hardscape features that you can add to your landscape in Minnesota. Building a patio in your backyard provides a stylish, comfortable place for you to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Patios can be built from a variety of different materials including concrete pavers, bricks and flagstone, so you’re sure to find a great option that matches the style of your house. Once your patio is built, it can easily be paired with other hardscapes to create the ultimate outdoor living experience.
  • Fire Pit – Fire pits are a great hardscape feature that can improve just about any landscape in Minnesota. Gathering around a blazing fire pit is about the coziest thing you can do on a cool fall evening. Not only will a fire pit keep you warm, it can also add a neat aesthetic to your patio or poolside area. Fire pits come in a large variety of styles, including in-ground pits and free-standing pits that can be moved. If you’re really keen on keeping warm outside, you can even install an outdoor fireplace on your patio.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – It’s a common summer tradition in Minnesota to fire up the grill and cook some delicious steaks or beer brats. But if you really want a full-range outdoor cooking experience, you can add an outdoor kitchen to your property. Customization options for outdoor kitchens are practically endless, but they can include pretty much all features of a conventional indoor kitchen, including stoves, refrigerators, sinks, countertops and storage cabinets. If you enjoy preparing meals for family and friends, and you want to spend more time outdoors during the warmer months, an outdoor kitchen might be the perfect new hardscape feature for you.
  • Retaining Wall – Are you looking for a more practical hardscape feature that can enhance your curb appeal? A retaining wall is a great choice for you. Retaining walls are traditionally constructed on sloped or shoreline properties, where they play an important role in preventing erosion and flooding. But retaining walls can be built into any landscape and they can add an element of intrigue to your gardens by allowing you to segment plantings between different elevations. You can have a retaining wall built out of all kinds of materials, including natural boulders, limestone and pavers, to suit your personal design preferences.
  • Swimming Pool – Building a swimming pool is a big investment, but one that can help you enjoy your backyard infinitely more. Inground swimming pools can be built in all shapes and sizes, depending on how you want to use yours. You can have a big pool with a shallow end for the kids and a deep end for the grown-ups or you can have a long, rectangular pool that’s great for swimming laps, and everything in between. A swimming pool is certainly more labor-intensive than most other hardscape features, but it can also add more value to your home in Minnesota.

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