When homeowners in Minnesota begin planning out landscaping work at the start of spring, they often find there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done before the ground freezes again. If you’re one of those homeowners, and you’re currently trying to narrow down the amount of outdoor maintenance work on your plate, a good place to start is by deciding whether you’d like to focus on your front yard or your backyard.

Front yard landscaping has the advantage of increasing your house’s curb appeal. Backyard landscaping has the advantage of improving the part of your yard where your family probably spends more time. Continue reading to take an in-depth look at the potential benefits of front yard vs. backyard landscaping.

Benefits of Front Yard Landscaping

The main benefit of front yard landscaping in Minnesota is that everyone will get to admire your hard work. Improving the appearance of your front yard landscape will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal, drawing the attention of your visitors, neighbors and passerby. If you’re interested in selling your house some time in the near future, front yard landscaping can also help you appeal to buyers and increase your property value.

Another nice thing about front yard landscaping is that it tends to be lower maintenance. Some easy ideas of how to improve the curb appeal of your home in Minnesota with some front yard landscape work include:

  • Mowing and trimming your lawn on a regular schedule.
  • Planting new flowers, bushes and trees in your front yard gardens. Planting natives will cut down on the maintenance you need to perform.
  • Adding fresh mulch to your front yard garden beds. Not only does this look nice, it’s important for plant health, too.
  • Installing hardscapes, such as paver pathways, in your front yard. This one might be a little more labor intensive but the curb appeal and the convenience for walkers makes it worthwhile.

Benefits of Backyard Landscaping

While your front yard is what guests and neighbors will see, the backyard of your Minnesota home is probably where you and your family will spend most of your time. If you’re more concerned with the aesthetic around the patio or poolside where you like to hang out than you are with how appealing your home is to others, then your backyard may be the best place to start landscaping.

Speaking of pools and patios, your backyard landscaping presents more creative choices than front yard landscaping does. Where a front yard landscape is pretty much limited to your lawn, garden beds and pathways, your backyard can be enhanced with such things as a pergola, a gazebo and a fire pit. When it comes to backyard landscaping in Minnesota, the opportunities are practically endless. Of course, some of the more ambitious backyard landscaping ideas will also be more time-consuming and more costly than the quicker enhancements which you can make to your front yard, so be sure to factor this into both your schedule and your budget!

The Most Reliable Front Yard & Backyard Landscaping Service in MN

Whether you want to focus your summer landscaping project on your front yard or your backyard, your wisest move would be to hire a professional landscape design and maintenance crew. Ground One is an award-winning Twin Cities based full-service landscaping and outdoor maintenance company with unrivaled experience in our industry. Give us a call today for the premier front yard and backyard landscaping services in Minnesota!