Ground One Enterprises recently redesigned its building entrance to feature many of the services and design work that has made Ground One the expert in landscape artistry. The professionals at Ground One Enterprises take pride in each and every project and are available to discuss your project or elaborate on the specific design features used at its building entrance. Here’s a few highlights:

One way to make your landscape project distinctive is to incorporate water features into the design.  At Ground One, the water feature is prominently displayedin our new office landscape.  A copper trough suspended from a new arbor drops a stream of water from 7’ overhead into a circular spot carved out of the paver walkway below.  This simple gesture makes a unique focal point drawing your eye to the sight and sounds created. The redesigned entrance features a stone wall and a cedar arbor/trellis that provide separation from competing uses in the space and helps draw the eye to the building. This stone wall also features LED lights that illustrate how dramatic lighting design can provide additional depth to any landscape design. Lighting types include: strip lighting under wall caps, spot lights uplighting plantings, flood lights that wash walls and our sign, pathlights that light the way, and a unique copper hanging pendant with punctured holes that cast a starlight effect.

With each landscape design, plants are an instrumental part of the design. In the redesign of the building entrance, the plants featured were selected specifically based on colors, textures, hardiness, bloom times, and four seasons of interest.

Last, but certainly not least, the bench at the entrance is another example Ground One Enterprises’ exquisite custom stonework.

Stop by and be inspired by Ground One Enterprises beautiful work. And for questions about all of Ground One Enterprises services stop into the office and speak to one our professionals. Ground One Enterprises are the experts in landscape artistry.