A bi-product of a great design, quality materials, and a polished execution is a visually stimulating landscape.  A landscape that makes the eye travel across the horizontal plane in search of details, a landscape that sparks the curiosity of the passer-by to glance a moment longer, or a landscape that encourages others throughout the community to improve their own homes and property values.  So much can be said about landscaping and how it affects home-owners and communities surrounding.  The landscape around the home is a canvas that everyone one can view, it is where a homeowner can show off his or her skills, talents or style to anyone who drives by.  A properly executed landscape should boost property values and a clean and well maintained yard will leave you the impression that the house inside is well-kept.

Wildwood project update: The Wildwood project has finished and order has been restored to this front yard.  The new front landscape features now a functional walk to and from both entry points to the property.  One from the road perpendicular to the house and a pathway from the driveway as an auxiliary pathway.

These two paths now connect and create a great transitional space that also becomes an art piece for the front landscape.  This art piece also has the ability to become a front gathering area for conversation or a spot for reflection and relaxation.  The yard has been updated with plantings that will feature a color that is ever-changing throughout the seasons here in Minnesota.  The plant material was specifically chosen to give the homeowners visual interest throughout the year rather than a spring/summer season.  The landscape will now also boast a multitude of  plants that vary in size and shapes.  This will lead a persons viewing eye to meander its way through the front yard.

The new landscape also tackles a safety concern as well.  This landscape will now have the much-needed light in various areas to help guide a person through the front yard around any obstacles.  Another issue that was addressed was the health of the front lawn.  Exposed roots were tended to and soils were amended to make way for the new turf that was to be installed.  Amending these soils was to ensure a healthier lawn and a lawn that will be sure to outlast the current occupants.  Lastly an irrigation issue was also addressed.  All areas are now being watered in a controlled way that will also conserve water.  This is done by having an irrigation clock with specific times and days of the week in which the water will be supplied to the areas of the lawn.  This clock will also control how much water the plants and new lawn is to receive.  In the end, the landscape becomes healthy and visually stimulating.

The Wildwood project is now complete and in the books.  The crews have since moved on to another project and starting another remarkable transformation that has come to be expected when choosing Ground One!