Ground One is turning over a new leaf in 2017! This year marks Ground One’s 28th anniversary and its 12th MNLA award. We are celebrating these milestones with an updated look, logo, and a new website designed to share recent projects and inspire place-making landscapes. Here’s a look at the work that went into developing the new Ground One branding, and a final farewell to Ground One’s old oak leaf logo.

A ‘Powerful’ New Logo

Ground One’s new logo marries the G from “Ground” and the O from “One” into a single circular icon that reflects Ground One’s balanced approach to landscape design.

Ground One Minneapolis Landscape Design

The circle is also a nod to the circular patterns that often appear in Ground One’s award-winning landscapes and a representation of their collaborative start-to-finish process. The brand design team drew inspiration from mid-century modern design elements, and was especially inspired by this mid-century modern landscape.

Can you spot the circular elements in this fairytale cottage courtyard or this Mediterranean-inspired pool?

Ground One’s CEO, Pat Weiss, responded to the simplicity of the logo design and likened it to a power button. He liked the idea of representing Ground One as the power source behind landscape transformations.

A Responsive Website Built for 2017 and Beyond

This spring you’ll see the new Ground One logo pop up in a new print campaign (check out Minneapolis St. Paul and SPACES magazines), at the Home & Garden show in February and March, and showcased in Ground One’s new website.
The website is designed to improved visitors’ experience when viewed by mobile phone, tablet or computer screen. It’s now easier to get a feel for Ground One’s work by flipping through our project portfolio, find inspiration in our elements gallery, meet our team, and schedule a free consultation. The clean, modern web design allow for projects and landscape techniques to be showcased through imagery. We invite you to take a few moments to explore the site and let us know what you think!

Time for a Change

For two decades, Ground One has proudly sported the the red oak leaf logo you see below.  The launch of the new logo means it’s time to retire Ground One’s familiar oak leaf.

“Over the last 20 years, the company has really grown – the number of crews we run, the equipment we’ve acquired, and the complexity of projects we take on. We realized that our old logo no longer represented the caliber of our work. It was time for a change.” – Pat Weiss, Ground One Founder and CEO

Goodbye to Ground One’s Oak Leaf

Visit Ground One’s headquarters in Bloomington, MN and you’ll see the original Ground One sign, a 10-foot tall oak leaf that was transported from Ground One’s original location in De Pere, Wisconsin to its current location at Ground One’s Minneapolis headquarters. Later this spring, the oak leaf will be replaced with signage featuring the new logo.

What will become of the original sign? The big oak leaf is moving inside our garage; a reminder of who we are and where we’ve come from and, like all leaves, a symbol of ongoing growth and change.

We’d like to hear from you. Tell us your fondest memory of the old oak leaf, what you like about the new logo, or your favorite feature of the new site.