A beautiful landscape is an integral part of homes throughout the greater Twin Cities area. A winning combination of plantings, hardscapes, water features, lighting and more can create an immersive outdoor space where you’ll love to spend time. Unfortunately, achieving an aesthetic and functional landscape isn’t easy when you try to do it all yourself. Many homeowners are frustrated as their trees keep dying every winter and their gardens flood every spring.

When your landscaping just isn’t cutting it, your best option may be to bring in professional landscape architects for customized solutions. Keep reading to learn how custom landscape design + build can maximize the curb appeal of your property in the Twin Cities.

4 Advantages of Custom Landscaping by Professionals

  1. Flawless Function – One of the most common issues that DIY home landscapers encounter is that they don’t realize how well certain features will function on their landscape. This can lead to such issues as trees dying because they are planted in a yard with too much shade and ponds being filled with algal blooms caused by fertilizer runoff. Landscape architects look at every landscape as a self-contained ecosystem. They know which components work and how to fit them together properly. With custom landscape design + build, you can rest assured that all of the plants, hardscapes and other features on your Twin Cities property will function as intended instead of getting in each other’s way.
  2. Making Use of Space – Whether you have a small fenced-in backyard or a few acres of land, custom landscape designers know how to get the best results out of the space available to them. For example, you might think that an urban landscape in Minneapolis or St. Paul is too small to accommodate more than just a small lawn. Landscape architects will be able to make the most of that space, installing a native wildflower garden or a pond with a waterfall, while still leaving enough grass for kids or pets to play on. No matter the amount of space available to them, a custom landscape design + build company will be able to implement just the right amount of features without overdoing it.
  3. Accounting for Climate – Winter weather is the biggest challenge to landscape design in the Twin Cities. Subzero temperatures and heavy snowfall during the winter can take a toll on landscapes that aren’t properly built. Many DIY landscapers are disheartened to find their newly planted trees are dead and their newly installed pavers cracked when spring comes around. Custom landscape architects are well aware of the challenges presented by winter, and they plant and build accordingly. When you work with a landscape design + build company, you can trust them to make plantings that will survive and implement drainage solutions to avoid flooding from snowmelt.
  4. Increased Home Value – Some homeowners are hesitant to commit to professional, custom landscape design + build because of the price. It’s important to remember that custom landscaping will increase the value of your home in the Twin Cities, which can make it an excellent investment. A property with a variety of custom landscaping features carries much more curb appeal than a property with a basic lawn and a few trees. When you decide to sell your house, buyers will be attracted by the custom landscaping and many will be willing to pay a higher price because of it.

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