Fall is a great time of the year when cooler temperatures return, to the chagrin of some, and the leaves turn wonderful orange and red colors throughout Minnesota.

While you may not spend time on your lake anymore, patios are still a wonderful area to gather and sip on your pumpkin spice lattes. While this is a pretty desirable setting, there’s no better way to improve it than to add a few seasonal fall containers!

In this article, you will get to know the benefits of using fall planters and how to decorate your homes with them.

Benefits of Fall Containers 

  1. Improved Curb Appeal

Fall planters are appealing to both homeowners and passersby as they have a variety of colors. By learning how to decorate your home with fall planters, you can improve your curb appeal with minimal effort. 

  1. Added Color To Your Home 

Fall containers often come with various floral options, all of which are colorful and will add to the beauty of homes. By decorating your home with fall containers, you get to enhance the beauty of your house, which visitors will always find attractive. 

  1. Plants Will Survive In Colder Temperatures 

Fall containers will feature a heartier array of plants than summer planters, and they will last through the cold temperatures that come with the fall season.

4 Ways of Decorating Your Home with Fall Containers

  1. Mixture of Blooms, Grasses and Foliage

You can decorate your home with a container through the mixture of eye-popping blooms, rustic grasses, and foliage. With these things, you can create a perfect fall container design.

  1. Use of Different Containers 

Metal containers have served as valuable items that can be used to gather ornamental grasses and flowering plants together. Hence, you can beautify your home using a vintage container inside which you can place flowers and various ornamental grasses. You can also use whiskey barrels, concrete planters or even plastic containers.

  1. Use of Bountiful Birdbath 

A birdbath is often made with concrete which helps elevate the attractiveness of a mixture of flowering plants. Birdbaths are very beautiful when placed in the garden. You can make use of the birdbath to hold a variety of fall plants together.

  1. Make use of kale and flowers 

You can plant beautiful flowers, such as rudbeckia, and attractive kales in your fall containers as well. A combination of both flowers and kale often produces happy accents that your visitors will admire.


Fall Container Installation Professionals In MN 

At Ground One Landscape, we have maintained a reputation of providing high-quality fall container installation services for over three decades to homes and businesses in the greater Twin Cities, MN area. If you have any questions about how we decorate with fall containers or if you’re wanting your very own containers installed, feel free to reach out to us!