Although fall is in full force, winter is fast approaching, and it’s important to prepare your garden and landscape for the colder months. Without proper fall cleanup, the winter months can severely damage your landscape.

During the autumn months, leaves continue to fall and this can harm your landscape once the weather becomes colder. This is why it’s important to complete the fall cleanup tasks before the winter months arrive. If you’re confused about how exactly you should prepare your home landscape for winter in Minnesota, here are the important fall cleanup tasks.

Clean Up

During the fall months, you will probably end up with different dying or dead annuals and foliage, and this can adversely affect your home landscape if you leave it till the winter months. Thus, you need to take out the time to remove the debris and summer/fall annuals. By cleaning up, you can keep your landscape fresh throughout winter and ready to go when spring comes.

Rake Leaves

One major task during autumn is the falling leaves, and so it’s important to rake them up to prepare your home landscape for winter. Remove these leaves from your property so that the grasses beneath them can receive lots of sunlight and other nutrients once the snow melts in the springtime.

Lawn Care and Weed Control

You can apply different kinds of strategies to take care of the lawn and control the growth of weeds before winter. The perfect time for weed control is in October, which is when fall is ending and winter is approaching. You should also use seeding and granules applications to take care of the weeds.

There are different ways to take care of your lawn during fall that would prepare it for the winter months. You should keep on mowing the grass and water it when needed. You also need to keep up with the lawn pest control so you can get rid of any harmful pests before winter.

Fertilize and Aerate

A key fall cleanup task is fertilization, as this is an important component to ensure that your landscape is prepared for the winter months. If you fertilize your landscape from mid to late fall, you can keep it rich with nutrients as you go into the winter months. This would make them stronger to survive the cold months and would give them a healthy boost at the beginning of spring.

You also need to aerate your landscape during fall to allow oxygen, water and fertilizer to easily access the roots of your plants and grasses deep in the ground. It’s also important to aerate and fertilize simultaneously so that you give your landscape what it needs to survive the cold winter months.

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Landscape winterization is another essential thing to do if you want to prepare for the winter months. If you ensure that your irrigation system is properly winterized during fall, you can prevent it from being damaged during winter and avoid repairs in spring. It’s ideal to hire a professional irrigation service to keep your irrigation system prepared for the colder months.

Lay Mulch

Another way to protect your plants, shrubs and the entire landscape from the harsh winter months is by laying mulch during the fall. Adding a layer of mulch or pine straw to your landscape would act as a barrier to keep the temperature of your landscape even during winter. It would also protect the roots of your plants from the snow and cold weather, and retain moisture.

Prepare for Snow with Ground One in Minnesota

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