When dealing with new construction or major home renovations, the landscape designer is generally called in after the majority of the home has been completed. In reality, a landscape designer should be involved in the process from the beginning.  This allows both designer and architect to harmoniously combine interior and exterior elements.  This collaboration results in an exceptional end product that combines those elements together, but this could also lead to possible cost savings throughout the project.

A landscape designer is not out to influence the architect, however a landscape designer is often involved to ensure that the architect’s plans perform with the different elevations and viewpoints of the natural surroundings. A landscape designer can enhance the outcome by helping to identify the property’s positive or negative attributes. Addressing these elements at the initial stages of the design can help save time, and avoid potential problems.

In the end, the collaborative effort allows both landscape designer and architect to meet any requirements that the homeowner may have set forth, and proactively solve any issues that may arise during the project. Main goals or objectives of landscape design are comparable to that of the architectural design of the home, however a landscape designer’s goal is to synthesize the home with the natural surroundings, creating exterior rooms or living spaces. Whether it is a need for mass plantings for privacy, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests, a formal garden for mediation, or a swimming pool for excitement, the end result allows the homeowner to spend more time with their family and friends outdoors.

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