The team at Ground One – the go-to landscaping services provider for Twin Cities residents – knows how important it is to enjoy Minnesota’s summer and early fall months.

After all, warm temperatures don’t last much of the year in this part of the country…

Because of that, you’ll want to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family – whether you’re out boating or just enjoying a backyard BBQ.

Of course, landscape maintenance isn’t as fun as these summer activities. Still, it’s equally important to take care of tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and watering plants at this time of year.

If you’re the owner of a home, business, or both in the Twin Cities, MN area, this article will fill you in on exactly why landscape upkeep is crucial. Along with this, we’ll let you know how to take care of these chores even if you’re too busy to do so yourself.

Why Maintaining Your Landscape Is Important

Landscape upkeep isn’t optional during the summer months if you own residential or commercial property in the Twin Cities metro area. You’ll need to take these tasks seriously – or find someone else to handle them for you.

Maintaining your home landscape is just as important as keeping your commercial landscape in good shape. However, the reasons you’ll need to focus on residential landscape upkeep are slightly different from why you should prioritize commercial landscape maintenance.

Maintaining Your Home Landscape

The most obvious reason it’s essential to take care of landscaping for your residential property is this work’s visual benefits. All sorts of people will see your home daily, from neighbors to pedestrians. Landscape maintenance is a great place to start if you’re trying to improve curb appeal.

Taking care of landscaping tasks can also have financial benefits. Homes with well-kempt lawns, perfectly tended plants, and minimal yard debris will have a higher resale value than those with seemingly abandoned yards. If you intend to sell your property, cleaning up your yard is a great way to boost its value.

Finally, prioritizing landscape maintenance will make the time you spend outdoors with your loved ones that much more enjoyable. Whether or not you and your visitors can ignore a messy yard, taking care of this space may make it easier to appreciate the great outdoors.

Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape

Making a good first impression is crucial for homeowners, but it’s even more essential for businesses.

Potential customers rely on many different factors when deciding where to do business, and they’ll start to make up their minds about your company before they even walk through the door.

Fortunately, a well-maintained landscape can “wow” people as soon as they arrive at your property.

A clean, beautiful landscape can help established customers feel good about continuing to work with you, as well. Landscape areas that are well-cared-for serve as a welcoming area for new and existing customers alike. Even if a person thinks of your company positively, quality landscaping can strengthen and enhance these associations.

Of course, not everyone on your property is a customer. Employees also note your facility’s condition – if anything, they may be quicker to notice problems since they’re there daily.

The natural beauty provided by excellent landscaping services can boost employee morale considerably.

We Can Help with Landscape Maintenance!

Are you too busy to take on landscape maintenance tasks alone? If so, there’s good news – you don’t have to handle this work by yourself. Instead, get help from the pros at Ground One!

At Ground One, we’ve provided landscape enhancement services in the greater Twin Cities, MN area since 1989. Our team is ready to design, plan, build, and maintain the residential or commercial landscape or garden of your dreams. If you need landscape maintenance for your Minnesota home or business, reach out today!