Make an Assessment about Your Garden

In the simplest terms, a garden assessment is an honest appraisal of how your garden looks, functions and makes you feel. Below are some questions that help you make an assessment

  • What is your curb appeal? Does your garden create an inviting entrance to your home?
  • How do you navigate your garden? Are there dead ends, or places you can’t reach?
  • Are there bare spots, holes or dead zones? Any unsightly items (air conditioner) you want to conceal?
  • Are plants out of place? Can you see them, or is a plant hiding among others?
  • How are plants performing? Does it look healthy? Is that perennial the same size it was 4 yrs ago when you planted it?
  • Does your garden spark Joy? We all have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Even if you’re not a plant geek like us, your garden should spark joy in almost any season. If your garden is letting you down for part of the year, our enhancement team can fix it.

Assessments and Enhancements – Why Now?

  • You can see what’s in your garden. You can see how wide and tall that plant eventually became, and accurately identify holes, or places to improve.
  • Your maintenance crew has time. Demands on the time of your gardener peak in late spring/early summer. Now there is a little breathing room to make substantial improvements
  • Any plantings done now, still have ample growing time left to get well established before the end of the season. You can enjoy new garden elements now, and start next year with the garden you wish you had now!
  • Time to think ahead. If you are interested in an addition of Spring Bulbs, we need to plan to plant them in the fall. In our opinion, every garden needs spring bulbs, because spring is when we need color the most. If you feel like your garden didn’t wake up until June, Spring bulbs can fix that.