“Ground One acts with an intentional hand in shaping your surroundings”

We have many times heard people say that they can’t really picture how a design becomes an actual landscape.  In an effort to help you understand how the whole design to reality process works, we would like to walk you through the journey of landscape design.

The process for your new landscape consists of three phases:  Feasibility, Project Development and Construction.

Feasibility: The first step is an initial meet or consultation at your property.  During this consultation you will meet with a Ground One designer to discuss any concerns with your landscape and ultimately your goals for the landscape. This is a great opportunity for the homeowner and the designer to ask questions; the more information collected, the better.  If, after this discussion, you would like to proceed with a design an agreement is signed authorizing design services to begin. Site measurements are taken of your property and a photo-documentation also takes place.

Project Development: Next, the designer takes these measurements to create a base map and schematics based on the information shared from the first consultation.  An in-office design presentation is scheduled, where the designer shares their vision for the proposed landscape. Scaled drawings, hardscape areas, and plant bed lines are the main focus of this meeting. This meeting allows the homeowner to decide how to proceed with the implementation of the design and what is palatable for their budget.

After this meeting, the designer creates a final landscape design based on the information gathered from the design meeting. A finalized set of landscape plans are then created with any necessary construction details. These finalized set of plans enable Ground One to devise a final cost estimate which is then reviewed by the homeowner for approval.

Installation: After the budget is approved and contract is signed, a landscape crew is scheduled for the installation of your landscape. This is where Ground One’s skilled craftsmen translate the design into the actual installation.  During the installation, communication between designer, landscape foreman, and homeowner is established to ensure a properly installed landscape, as well advise if any unforeseen circumstances arise.  Upon completion of the landscape, a final walk-through is scheduled to ensure all expectations have been met and advise the homeowner of any instructions for care of the landscape.

Last but not least, sit back and enjoy the new landscape!