Whether it’s the extreme heat of summer or the blistering sub zero temperature of the winter, a landscape in the Midwest has many elements that it must endure throughout the seasons.  Building your landscape to have seasonal interest is difficult enough, constructing them to outlast these conditions is an ongoing battle.  When constructing any hardscape here in the Midwest, we have to be aware of our freeze-thaw cycles.  This is crucial, because without the proper footings or base preparations, hard work throughout the summer can easily turn into a springtime disaster.  An amazing landscape is not only designed from the appearance but is equally designed and constructed behind the scenes to be structurally sound.

Building a poorly designed landscape can cost just as much as, or at times more than, building a well designed one and when investing in your outdoor living space, it pays to get the design just right.  Having a landscape design professional aid you in the design process is comparable to having an insurance policy.  Not only will you get a well thought out and properly designed outdoor space, you will also have an outdoor space that will be appropriate to the conditions in your region.

Ground One emphasizes that all ecological, and planning principles of landscape design are addressed in a sensitive and compelling manner in every constructed landscape.  The season is constantly changing here in Minneapolis and our landscapes should be constructed accordingly.  Currently at the Benton Project, the existing landscape has been demolished and removed.  The large overgrown mugo pines that once dominated the front yard landscape, are now gone and make way for plant material that will be placed in a simple, yet elegant, formation.

The old front porch has been removed and during its removal it was discovered that there was no frost footing.  To correctly build the front stoop a frost footing was installed four feet below surface.  This was to ensure that there was no movement in the stoop.  The footing was poured in conjunction with the new footings for the new steps down to the front sidewalk and pillars that flank those steps.  Once cured, the footings will support the concrete modular unit (CMU) needed for construction, as seen in the following pictures.  Ground One constructs every project will the theory that it could withstand the harsh elements that Minnesota has to offer.

The pillars, steps and front stoop will be covered with the same Fond du Lac stone used in the backyard.  The choice of stone remains the same, using a beautiful Lilac Bluestone harmonically combines the front yard hardscape elements with the home, creating an amazing curb appeal update!  Soon the stone will be cut into place and plant materials will be installed.

This project is close to being wrapped up but there is still plenty more detail work to be done before we can call the Benton project complete.  Stay up to date with the project as well as others by viewing our website.