Backyard pools are continuously becoming popular, with improved methods in maintenance and care pools are becoming less of a burden to homeowners. Another improvement in the pool industry is the many choices of pool decking that are available. Years ago your choice was either wood or concrete, slivers in your feet or a concrete product that over time heaves, settles and or cracks.  With our evolving industry, boring pool decks of concrete or wood decking have taken a seat to landscape tiles or brick pavers. One important aspect still remains and that is the safety when using the pool. Pool decks tend to have water on the surface at times and when that happens it is imperative that you have a surface that has some texture.  This will reduce falls and any other accidents that may occur. Landscape  tiles and pavers are textured making them a great choice for a new pool deck. Another positive aspect is the durability, a durability that exceeds regular or stamped concrete. With multiple joints of a paver system, you are allowing the decking to “float” on the grade, thus with our Minnesota climate changes, there will be very little visible cracking that can arise from frost heaving. The visual element of color is another great aspect of tiles or pavers.  The ability to bring in a blend of color and excitement to the pool deck is now possible. In ground pool decks are now given nearly as much attention as the interior designs of the home while synthesizing with the outdoor environment.  Which in end, create an outdoor oasis.

River Bluff Project Update: The River Bluff project in South Minneapolis is near completion for this year’s phase. The pool decking is complete and awaiting the new staircase, new large specimen White Pine trees have been planted along with a beautiful clump River Birch.

Both Minnesota natives.The cedar fence is complete and a beautiful brown colored hardwood mulch has been applied to the plant beds. The plant beds will be planted sometime this fall when it is convenient for the client to aid in the care and maintenance. Thus bringing this backyard oasis to life!  The pool equipment has found its home behind an easily accessible cedar fence and stone walkways have been created for access through-out the backyard.

The crews are working on the south side retaining walls. These retaining walls are to aid in control foundation soils and to give plant material some depth and interest that normally would not when planted on ground level. The walls will be constructed as the same Fon du Lac weathered stone that was previously used in the earlier phase keeping a harmony among walls and structures around the home. The Kasota stone that was cut and hammered will also be used for the pathways, with stone steps that will intermingle as the grade changes in the side yard.