Ground One acts with an intentional hand in shaping your surroundings. Your landscape is a reflection of you and the way you live. The collaboration between designer and homeowner is key to a successful landscape design. In order to make improvements to your surroundings, and in turn your lifestyle, the landscape team needs to approach your project through your eyes. We are adept at listening to your desires and concerns, expanding upon them, finding the opportunities inherent in your site, and ultimately creating a landscape exceeding your imagination and expectations.

This dialogue brings ideas into focus and leads to a refined concrete plan. We ensure all aesthetic, ecological, and planning principles of landscape design are addressed in a sensitive and compelling manner.  Ultimately using a palette of plants, stone, soil, structures, and sky, the design concept addresses your needs and creates a four-season extension of your home into the outdoors. Craftsmanship & creativity cannot be separated.  With plans for your dream landscape in hand, it’s time to translate these drawings into your new built environment. The attention to detail demonstrated by your designer continues with the installation team. Skilled craftsmen proceed with precision in methodically deconstructing and recreating your landscape, staying true to the collaborative vision developed during the design process.  And throughout the installation process the designer and installers re-assess the plans with you to ensure the completed landscape meets our standards of excellence.  If you wish to learn more about Ground One and our process feel free to contact us. The Experts In Landscape Artistry in the Minneapolis, MN region!

River Bluff Update: With a newly expanded planting areas, to a spacious and luxurious pool deck that boasts elegance and beauty, and meticulously hand crafted Fon Du Lac retaining walls exceeding excellence, the River Bluff project has come to an end this year.  This year’s objective  was to expand on the backyard pool deck and living space while methodically correcting any drainage and pedestrian traffic issues that this site had.

The new pool deck is composed of a travertine like product, which will stand the test of time here in Minneapolis, MN, inlaid with a beautiful native Minnesota Kasota stone.  These hand-crafted circles were all cut to fit and hand chiseled, resulting in a tighter joint and professional look.  This theme was carried throughout the backyard and incorporated into the new walkways that were needed for accessibility through-out the yard.

A new geo-sythetic reinforced retaining wall was built to ensure that this outdoor space remains as is for years to come.  This also allowed the homeowner to reclaim any unusable space that there may have been prior to installation, resulting in gained real estate and value to the home and property.  Along with this new wall, a structurally sound cedar fence was installed to ensure safety in the pool area and give privacy to the client, allowing them to enjoy their backyard oasis without any interruption.  This fence will also serve as a back drop for plant material.  When installed, this plant material will become the focal point of the backyard.

Along the south side of the house, handcrafted by true artists in the landscape field, are Fon Du Lac retaining walls.  These walls boast a significant sign of elegance while correcting drainage issues that were evident before construction.  These walls will be a stately art piece, a place for the client to show off plant materials with multiple levels and viewing planes.  To increase functionality, new steps and a walkway were installed to harmonize with the new pool deck.  Throughout all areas a drip line irrigation system was installed to aid watering any plantings that may come in the future.

Lastly, a new spiral staircase was installed to allow access from the pool to the deck above.  The spiral was chosen for spacial and aesthetic reasons and resulted in a new and exciting way to get from the deck to the yard!  Along with the new stairs, an aluminum railing was installed as well.  This was done to improve safety for those enjoying the deck.

The River Bluff project is now complete and Ground One employees are on to the next project!   Stay up to date with the up-coming project as well as others by viewing our website.