Minneapolis homeowners routinely are looking to expand their outdoor living spaces.  The tantalizing smell of food on the grill, an evening fire while gazing upon the Minneapolis sky-line, or relaxing with friends and family while listening to the Minnesota Twins are just a few of the many reasons Minnesotan’s love summer. Whatever the reason may be, creating that outdoor experience will depend on you and your lifestyle.

The first step in enhancing your outdoor kitchen is through design and budgeting.  Incorporating a landscape architect or designer ensures that your money is properly invested and the outcome is not only impressive but functional for the space and the home.

The next factor in building an outdoor kitchen is location.  Outdoor kitchens can be installed either close to your backdoor or set back from the home, creating an additional outdoor space.  There are advantages and disadvantages to having the outdoor kitchen located close to the house.  One of the biggest advantages include reduced utility costs to the outdoor kitchen. There’s also the convenience of proximity to the house for carrying food items outside.  One disadvantage of having the outdoor kitchen too close to the house is that it won’t feel as though you’re outside, but still inside the house.

The location of the outdoor kitchen will also depend on the size of the yard. Minneapolis landscapes are notorious for their small properties, and you may have to scale back.  But those that have an Eden Prairie landscape and a larger property may be able to have an expansive outdoor kitchen.

Whether the outdoor kitchen is located close to or far from the house, homeowners should think about some sort of protection from the elements. A pergola or other overhanging structure is an easy way to create some shade from the hot afternoon sun.  This will not only provide shade for the outdoor space, but can add an architectural element as well.

With the elements in mind, many homeowners are choosing weatherproof cabinetry, storage, fireplaces, music equipment, and other accoutrements to make their outdoor kitchens the epitome of luxury. Ice makers, deep-fryers, smokers, outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens, wine coolers and so many other accessories are other possibilities when designing an outdoor kitchen.  Some homeowners are even including an outdoor bar to expand their entertaining possibilities.

The next step is figuring out what materials to use while constructing your outdoor kitchen.  If you have a Minneapolis landscape, you may want to stick with the natural stones and clay pavers.  These products are common among older homes found in the area, and by using these materials it can ensure your return on investment. For a more modern home, such as what is found in the suburbs like a Bloomington landscape, you may want to consider at manufactured paving or wall stone like Borgert.  Either way, there are many possibilities for both.

Once you have considered all of your options and worked with your Ground One designer to determine the best layout for your outdoor kitchen, the talented installers at Ground One will quickly and efficiently install your new space so you still have all summer to enjoy it.  It’s up to you how you choose to do that- host the biggest party on the block or enjoy a fresh, wood-fired pizza with your family. Whatever your goal, Ground One can help you achieve it.