One of the best ways to improve your Minneapolis outdoor living space is to add a retaining wall. Retaining walls not only enhance the aesthetics of a landscape, a retaining wall will also provide structural stability against erosion or a failing hillside.

There are several styles used to construct retaining walls; concrete block retaining walls, natural stone retaining walls, steel retaining walls, and timber retaining walls are a few of many options you have.  In the past, homeowners had very few options when it came to retaining walls.  No longer are you stuck with the dull gray blocks of yesterday.  Eye-catching colors, contrasting features and distinctive patterns allow you to create a wall that blends with the architecture of your home and lifestyle. Many of the new products today are even fabricated to replicate natural stone or brick.

While there are many types of walls, it is best to discuss any retaining wall options for your Minneapolis landscape with an accredited or registered landscape architect.  This will ensure your investment of time and money is not wasted.

There are many choices in materials and many applications you can choose from, including tiered designs for unusable hillsides, curved walls along a landscape for focal interest, or free-standing walls and columns to add definition to a patio.  Different applications have their different advantages, the type you choose depends on your landscape and how the walls would reflect on your tastes.  Any application will improve your outdoor living space and enrich the way you use your landscape.

After turning to a landscape professional and designing your new retaining wall system, it is now time to have the project installed by a certified retaining wall expert.  Ground One has been installing retaining walls and outdoor spaces in the Minneapolis region for over two decades and has been on the leading edge of installation techniques when dealing with retaining walls.

So whether you are installing a wall to protect your landscape from erosion, expanding your backyard into a functional recreation area, or adding a touch of elegance to your front yard landscape, retaining walls are investments for the future.