Minnesota summers bring us the opportunity to spend endless hours outdoors and offer us beautiful mornings and stunning evenings.  What better way to take advantage of this than to get away from the stove and into an outdoor kitchen?  Outdoor kitchens can consist of nearly everything your indoor kitchen has (including the kitchen sink!),  or they can be simply an organized area to grill and prepare meals.  Outdoor kitchens add an entirely new room to your home that can be used for quiet meals with the family or entertaining with the entire neighborhood.  When properly designed with its surroundings, outdoor kitchens add to the value of a home.  Consider the cost of your new outdoor kitchen as an investment.

Currently at the Benton Project: The landscape design is coming to life and progress is being made.  The cut and patterned stone patio is now complete, the new semi-circle step treads have been placed and mortared in, and a cap for the window well has also been installed. The new walkway to the outdoor kitchen has been complete, making way for the new Lynx barbeque island.  The island was a custom fabricated unit and now is in place awaiting  the same Fon du Lac veneer as the steps.  This kitchen island will also have a custom bar-top that will be fabricated with the same stone used on the step treads and patio.

Crews are making their way out of the backyard and on to the front.  Before long this family will be enjoying the summer breeze on their new patio.