Benton Project: This project is what we would to refer as the “typical” Minneapolis landscape job.  Most lots in the area are small, with restricted access, drainage concerns, and are overgrown and need updating. Ground One explores the opportunities your site has to offer and ultimately creates a landscape design that corrects the drainage and reconstructs the landscape into being once again desirable and functional.

The Benton Project was a challenge because it had all of the problems described above.  It was a small lot that had drainage problems and needed some form and function solutions. This project broke ground last week and is at the removals stage.  The picture at the left shows the landscape crew reviewing the proposed elevations of the new patio.  This is a crucial step in the implementation of the design. One mistake here can lead to future problems. Ground One implements the use of laser levels and transits. Using these tools ensures that the desired pitch and slope is achieved, which allows for proper drainage.

Speaking of proper drainage, take a look at this picture.  Notice anything wrong? If you said that the drainage pipe that was installed was the wrong type you are correct. The old patio was torn up and it was discovered that the previous landscapers used a perforated pipe for the downspout. A perforated pipe’s function is to allow water within a small surrounding area to seep into the pipe, which relieves saturation.   However, when using one as pictured, it performs the exact opposite function. Rainwater collected by the drain-box is now able to leak out of the pipe immediately after exiting the box, placing more water next to the foundation, which can lead to future damage.  Drainage correction is one of many landscape calls we get throughout the year.

Be sure to look for future updates on the Benton Project, the best has yet to come!