Here in Minneapolis temperatures tend to vary dramatically from one extreme to the other, resulting in freezing and thawing conditions throughout the year. These conditions can wreak havoc upon your landscape and any hardscaping you may have on your property. That’s why at Ground One, we stress proper installation techniques in order to ensure your investment into a landscape will withstand the harsh elements of Minnesota.

There are many advantages of using a paver system when compared to traditional or stamped concrete. Landscape pavers are generally non-slip, meaning they have a rough surface, making it less likely to slip or fall when conditions are unfavorable.  Some traditional concrete, and generally all stamped concrete, on the other hand, become slippery when wet and can be hazardous at times. This slipperiness is caused by the sealing that has to be done to protect the surface from wear and tear.

Another advantage of pavers for your driveway or walkway when compared to traditional concrete is evident during freeze and thawing conditions. Under typical freeze/thaw cycle here in Minneapolis, the earth tends to move hardscapes anywhere from 1/4″ to 1″ or more. The result is cracking and joint expansion in your concrete. On the other hand, with a paver system, when properly installed by a professional, you will see only slight or very little movement. Paver hardscape systems are comprised of multiple interlocking units. This makes the paver system movable and gives it the ability to move freely up and down and return to its original state with little evidence compared to a large crack in concrete.

Other advantages of having multiple joints is that, combined with the darker color of the paver, they help in promoting ice and snow melt. The multiple joints help by allowing air movement under the ice or snow, while the color helps the sun warm up the pavers faster by absorbing the sun’s radiation. The last advantage is that the life expectancy of paver driveways is far superior to any other option on the market. Pavers tend to last anywhere from thirty to possibly sixty years with proper maintenance and care.

Nothing makes an entrance, like a paver driveway or walkway, distinctive like one crafted with the elegant look of pavers. Whether it’s with traditional patterns of cobblestone or textures with the rugged look of ancient stone, creating the perfect first impression for your home starts at the curb. Plus, when it comes to standing up to Minneapolis’s harsh weather conditions, pavers will outperform traditional concrete and or asphalt. For your next paver driveway, walkway, or patio project in Minneapolis, contact “The Experts in Landscape Artistry” at Ground One at 952-884-3336.