These homeowners have a unique mid-century modern home in Edina with an outdoor courtyard situated in the center of the home. Double front doors at the front of the home lead to the inner courtyard. Once inside this inner (exterior) courtyard there are four different entrances into the home. An important functional design element was replacing an aging wood stoop with a new bluestone stoop that has under tread lighting. This stoop is the main entrance into the home. The scope of the project explored ways to create a relaxing and functional space that continued the design aesthetic of their home because it’s viewable connection to so many rooms in their home. They loved natural stone and wanted to have a recirculating water feature that would provide a serene ambiance. The design solution involved using bluestone for the main patio spaces with polymeric sand in the joints to aid in long term maintenance. The bluestone presented as a nice neutral element which works well visually from inside and outside the home. A recirculating drilled boulder surrounded by beach pebbles and a stone Japanese lantern lend themselves to a relaxed Asian theme. Lush plantings including a Japanese Maple, boxwoods, grasses and groundcovers were balanced with the stonework and landscape lighting provided the finishing touch by increasing safety, ambiance and extending the hours of enjoyment throughout the year.

Highlights of this project include:

  • Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic
  • Bluestone courtyard
  • Recirculating “bubbling boulder” water feature
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Lush plantings with balanced seasonal interest
  • Drainage correction

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