01. Let’s Meet

Whether you’re looking to make some garden enhancements, add some spectacular containers, or develop a property maintenance plan, the first step is an initial consultation with a designer at your property. We ask questions, listen carefully, and begin to understand your goals and dreams for your outdoor space.

We can identify any obvious problems we see, as well as give some suggestions and help you to start seeing the range of what is possible. We also explain our process and start to give cost estimates on some of the services you may require. Once we get back to our office, we begin to build a Service Plan that fits you and your property.

02. Develop Service Plan

Each landscape and each homeowner is unique, but after learning your hopes and dreams, and drawing on our expertise regarding what your landscape needs (or sometimes desperately needs) we can develop a service plan and contract. Once you pick a plan that is right for you, we get you on our schedule for regular maintenance or garden enhancements.

03.Implement and Enjoy

A garden enhancement or ongoing maintenance plan from Ground One means that our design, horticulture, and construction professionals have everything outdoors covered. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Ready to love your outdoors?

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