Retaining walls have always been a design element in commercial and residential construction.  And there’s no wonder why. A landscape retaining wall can transform bland backyard into an elegant courtyard. A structural retaining wall will add strength and appeal to any design, while a garden wall can be installed for looks and aesthetics. The beauty and flexibility that modular block, rock/stone, and timber retaining walls have will add depth, dimension and intrigue to any outdoor setting. Landscape retaining walls can also make an excellent focal point in your yard.

Retaining walls are typically built to stabilize an unstable or eroding slope, or to create a level area.  However the key to a properly installed wall, and to avoid retaining wall failure, is proper soil stabilization and proper drainage behind the wall.  If not reviewed, soil or gravel backfill behind a wall will exert  pressure on the structure and may cause the wall to collapse. A common method of avoiding this problem is to use geogrid, a strong synthetic mesh laid down between courses of a retaining wall which extends into the existing earth behind the wall.

Another common source of trouble is the accumulation of water behind a retaining wall. This can cause the wall to bow forward and  collapse entirely.  The material used for retaining wall backfill is also important. Heavy, clay soils will retain water, whereas light, sandy soil and small rocks or gravel allow water to drain easily. In addition, drainage systems are  built into or behind the wall to further reduce this water pressure. Ground One is dedicated to constructing  retaining walls that compliment your landscape but will also ultimately last a lifetime.

Decatur Project: Deteriorating timbers, over grown shrubs and a very unstable split rail fence has brought Ground One to the Decatur project. The old timber wall has seen its better days and will make way for the new Keystone retaining wall.  This Segmental Modular Unit or SMU was chosen for both structural integrity and its ability to blend in with the natural landscape.

Installing this wall will correct any drainage and erosion concerns that the client may have had and provide the home with a fresh updated look. The new wall will intertwine with the existing trees and extend out to provide the client with more planting areas around the home.  The demolition has begun,  the base material has been prepped, and some of the block has been installed. Check back in for future updates on the Decatur Project.