Landscape Design 

If you want to perfectly mold your landscape to suit your needs, then you should hire Ground One for landscape design.

Ground One is an award-winning landscape design company that works to improve outdoor properties all over the Twin Cities metro area. We believe that, just like the interior of your home, your landscape should be customized to look and function exactly the way you want it to. No matter the size and shape of your outdoor property, our landscape design team can transform it to meet your desires.

Professional Landscape Design

When you work with Ground One on a landscape design project in the Twin Cities, you can trust us to include your input in every step of our work. We always begin our services by meeting with you for an initial consultation in which we will learn everything you hope to gain out of your transformed landscape.

When you’re ready to move forward, our landscape design team will closely survey your landscape to gather all of the relevant information for our work. We’ll use our findings to create a detailed schematic design covering all features of your new landscape design. After we present this design to you, we’ll happily receive all of your feedback to make improvements.

Finally, we’ll flesh out your approved landscape design with construction drawings and choices of plantings and hardscape materials. With your approval, we’ll then move onto the construction phase, building a new and improved landscape for your home in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Twin Cities’ Top Landscape Design Team

Are you ready to live on the beautiful landscape of your dreams? Contact Ground One today if you’d like us to start creating a custom landscape design for your property in the Twin Cities metro area!

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