Hardscape Maintenance Services

Hardscapes play an important function in any yard, forming a nice contrast to the lawn and gardens around them while providing you with an even surface to walk through your property on. Just like the plants in your garden, hardscapes require routine maintenance to be kept in good condition. 

Rather than struggling through hardscape maintenance yourself, bring in the full service outdoor professionals at Ground One.

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Expert Hardscape Maintenance

Ground One’s skilled hardscape maintenance staff can perform all maintenance services for the patios, pavers and stones in your yard throughout the Twin Cities metro. 

Why maintain a hardscape?

  1. Over time jointing sand will break down and wash out
  2. As jointing sand washes out, more water is introduced into the hardscape area and over time the paver surface becomes more and more uneven or out of level

Routine Paver Maintenance will keep your paver surface looking like new and reduce the need for more costly remedial maintenance. Our services includes:

  • Pressure washing the surfaces of your hardscapes.
  • Re-sanding the joints between your pavers.
  • Re-leveling your hardscapes.
  • Applying sealer to your paver or stone paths.
  • Replacing a broken paver with a new one.

Premier Hardscape Maintenance Services in the Twin Cities

Taking care of your patios and pathways may require the expert touch of landscaping specialists. Give Ground One a call today for trusted hardscape maintenance services in the Twin Cities metro area!

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