Low Voltage Lighting Maintenance 

Do you need expert services for your low voltage lighting system, or would you like a professional low voltage lighting system installed at your home in the Twin Cities area?

Low voltage landscape lights are a great addition to your gardens, allowing you to enjoy their beauty at night just like during the day. Installing and maintaining low voltage lighting on your property can be surprisingly tricky, so why not let the landscaping pros take care of it for you?

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Professional Low Voltage Lighting Services

Ground One’s outdoor maintenance crew can handle installation and maintenance services for low voltage landscape lighting on your property in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. We can perform the following services for your landscape lighting:

  • Installing new low voltage lighting fixtures.
  • Repairing faulty low voltage lighting systems.
  • Setting and adjusting the timer for low voltage lighting systems.
  • Re-wiring low voltage lighting fixtures.
  • Replacing the lightbulbs in your low voltage lights.

Minnesota’s Most Reliable Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Services

Letting the experts set up and maintain your low voltage landscape lighting system can save you time, effort and money. Get in contact with Ground One today for the most efficient landscape lighting services in the Twin Cities metro area!

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