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Decorating your home or office goes beyond simply placing art inside the home. Your decoration starts outdoors as this is the first point of contact for every visitor. One of the most effective ways of decorating your home during the fall season is by putting in place fall containers.

These fall containers are a beauty to behold, and when done properly will make your building more attractive.

For the best fall planter installation services in Edina, Ground One is the company for you. We install fall containers to different areas of the home including driveways, patios, decks and the entryway.


Fall Planter Services

A lot of preparation and intention goes into setting up a fall container garden. When you contact us for fall planter services, the first thing to do is determine the best fall container for your building. We help you to choose from a variety of options that includes plastic, metal, clay, wooden and stone pots.

After choosing the pot, we pick the plants that go into them. For thrillers, we explore options that includes butterfly bushes and fountain grass. We then follow this up with the fillers such as kale, ornamental cabbage, mums, and pansies. Spillers are then decided on, choosing between options like Lysimachia and coral bells.


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If you’re wanting to decorate your home or commercial property with beautiful fall planter this season, contact our team today! We are happy to help bring seasonal flowers and plants to brighten up your home or business.

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