Fall Planter Design & Installation In Minnetonka

Are you in search of fall container design and installation in the Minnetonka area?

When summer comes to a close and your spring annuals have all shriveled in their pots, the time has come to plant replacements that will thrive in the fall. The best way to flaunt fall beauty in front of your Minnetonka home is with a set of mixed planters.

However, the time it takes to pick all the right plants and plant them together can be exhausting. Rather than spending your whole weekend trying to make a respectable fall container, why not leave it to the pros? Ground One’s award-winning design team will whip up some fantastic fall planters for you in no time!


Eye-Popping Fall Planters

Before we get to work, Ground One’s experts will let you choose if you want your showcase of autumn beauty planted in a container made of plastic, wood, stone, clay or metal.

Once you’ve picked your favorite, our professionals will get to work on your fall container garden. The first step is to impress everyone walking by your house with a spectacular thriller, like a Japanese maple or an icicle plant. So that your container doesn’t look barren, we’ll throw in some nice fillers, including dianthus and lavender. For the finishing touch, our design aces will select some lovely spillers, such as thyme or creeping raspberries, to rim your fall planter with.

Don’t worry about pulling a muscle while trying to place your fall container in the perfect spot. Ground One’s strong and skilled staff will bring the planter out to your house in Minnetonka and install it wherever your heart desires, be it the doorway or the deck. Take a seat, relax, and enjoy the beauty that our creation brings to your home!


Masterful Fall Container Design & Installation

Trying to piece together a beautiful fall planter without breaking your back, and the bank, can be a real burden. Make life easy on yourself by hiring the plant professionals at Ground One to do the work for you. Call up Ground One today for top of the line fall planter design and installation in Minnetonka!

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