Spring Planter Installation Services in Shakopee, MN  

Do you want spring planters for your property in Shakopee?

Spring planters are a popular and beautiful addition to homes and businesses, but DIY installation can be too much work. If you want to add color and texture to your space this spring, go with a professional landscape designer in Shakopee!

Our landscape design company is the top choice for spring planter design and installation in Shakopee. Whether you are looking for a small planter installation for your home’s front porch or a large display for your business’s entrance, we can create the perfect spring container garden for you. 

Beautiful Spring Planters

Ground One is a top-rated landscaping company providing sensational spring planter installations for property owners in Shakopee. We will work closely with you to design a custom spring container with any variety of plants you choose. 

Ground One’s spring planter boxes are completed with thrillers, like bougainvillea, fillers, like coleus, and spiller plants, such as calibrachoa. Our landscape designers use only the highest quality plants and materials to ensure your spring planter will thrive throughout the season. Once our team is done building your springtime planter installation, we will deliver it to your property in Shakopee and do quick work of setting it up in the area of your choosing.


Shakopee’s Premier Spring Planter Installation Company

Whether you want spring planters as a colorful addition to your business, front yard, or your patio, you can rely on us to design a beautiful solution. Call Ground One today for the finest spring planter installation services in the Shakopee area!

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